As I ran for re-election as councilman several times, I signed and published this statement on my personal website and abided by it.

I, Ellis L. Marples as candidates for Council member in the Borough of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, out of deep and abiding respect for the universal values of right and wrong, the desire to effectively serve my fellow residents, and a strong commitment to the concept of leadership by example, do hereby subscribe and agree to the following Candidate Code of Ethics and agree to conduct my campaign accordingly.

I, as a candidate for public office in Pompton Lakes, will personally take responsibility for all campaign materials, literature and communications.

I will understand and tolerate differing opinions and understand that ethical conduct is a personal commitment and not a partisan issue.

I will at all times tell the truth, with complete documentation from legitimate, verifiable sources for any allegations against other candidates.

I will neither use nor allow any references to bigotry based on race, ethnicity, sex, religion or national origin.

I will limit any issues against other candidates to legitimate differences regarding opinion, qualifications, experience, conduct and past positions held.

I will not cause nor condone any misrepresentations, distortions, half-truths or innuendoes about other candidates or candidate’s families.

I will not condone a third-party attacks against other candidates. I will do everything possible to ensure that those supporting my candidacy adhere to the principles outlined in this Code of Conduct and will repudiate any third-party attack leveled against other candidates that is in conflict with this Code.

I will at all times adhere to both the intent and spirit of the Pompton Lakes Candidate Code of Conduct. I recognize my responsibility to my community and believe that my commitment to the principles of honorable conduct outweighs any personal ambition for public office.